Sermons from the Mound: Pagan Theology: Recommended Resources
A list of books talking about (neo)pagan theology: polytheistic, feminist and animist. They’re written by pagans and therefore are respectful of pagan beliefs.
Pagan Mysticism
The blog seems dead, but what articles there are on it are gold if you’re into pagan mysticism/devotional practice.
Pagan Monastic: Breviary 1, Breviary 2, Horaria 1, Horaria 2
What does a pagan monk do? Read the posts on breviary to find out about sources for pagan prayers and posts on horaria to find out about leading an ordered life. Very appealing to a solitary pagan who would like to lead a more religious life with regular devotions.
Frater Barabbas: Learning Paganism in Modern Age, Art of Statue Animation
Frater Barabbas, an Alexandrian Wiccan priest and ceremonial magician, talks about personal devotional practices of modern pagans, especially idolatry (a worship of deities through their images) and how to bless the statue in such a way that it creates a strong, permanent connection to the deity.

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