Frater Barabbas: Further Considerations on Godhead, Rite of Assumption of Godhead
Frater Barabbas, an Alexandrian Wiccan priest and ceremonial magician, talks about creating a connection between the worshipper and the deity through devotions, offerings, invocations, communions and godhead assumption.
A poem by Rumi: Love dogs (and a Youtube vidoe of the poem performed by Coleman Barks).
A beautiful poem which spoke to me at the time I was struggling with spiritual loneliness and feeling “headblind”.
Twilight and Fire: Love is an Action and Pagan Blog Project: Nun (articles no longer exist)
Elizabeth Vongvisith, a pagan nun, writes on the meaning of love between a deity and a nun/monk devoted to them. Love is more than a fleeting feeling: it is a conscious dedication of self.
Tarot Tutor, GeoTutor, Cartomancy Tutor and Rune Tutor
Four great tools for diviners that need a bit of practice and are short on subjects. The websites provide a randomised short description of a client, the general subject of their question and three Tarot cards, runes, geomantic figures or playing cards. The object of the exercise is to come up with a hypothetical answer to that question.
The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland (a book on Amazon)
By the way, if you ever get readings from others, you should know about cold reading in order to make sure you’re getting the real deal. Conversely, if you’re a reader you should probably know about it as well in order to make sure your readings are authentic instead of being the result of unconscious manipulation.

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