…the calling

I’m a Goddess-worshipping pagan. While I’m familiar with many other religions, the Goddess was my starting point, my base and the one to whom I always returned. When I began walking this path I thought that something important was missing and that if I dug deeper, searched to the roots, perhaps I would find it. For many years I immersed myself in research, reading books and talking to people – traditional Wicca, ancient religions of Europe and Near East, archaeology, Vodou, psychology, renaissance magic – to the point of considering a PhD in History of Religion. And you know what? The missing thing is not there. I realised that I had to re-build it myself.

This is where this webpage springs from. I’m documenting my thoughts and experiments after I started over from nothing. I’m scared because I don’t know where the road will take me. I spent all those years of searching for a complete map and a place to belong (I hate reinventing the wheel you see) and now I’m left hoping that my knowledge, insight, skills and time will be enough. I really have no idea why I feel so driven. Life would be so much easier if I wasn’t! Yet here I am. It must be Her calling me, somehow.

…the webpage

It started out as a series of articles inspired by journalling questions from “Ariadne’s Thread: Workbook of Goddess Magic” by Shekhinah Mountainwater and evolved from there. By now, there are journalling notes, useful links, photos and guides from my journeys. I select the subjects carefully because I want every article to stay relevant for years to come. I hope that eventually, this webpage will turn into a rich resource for women looking for the Goddess.

It won’t happen overnight though. I’m a slow writer and there’s a lot going on in my life right now, so the publishing schedule is also slow. My aim is to get a new post out every Monday and take it from there.


A woman in dark glasses, green t-shirt and black shorts, standing in a portal of Mnajdra neolithic temple in MaltaComputers, pet rats and pen-and-paper roleplaying games are three other big things in my life, apart from paganism. I have a MSc in Computer Science and I earn my living as a PHP programmer for complicated web applications. (You’d expect this page to be highly customised, wouldn’t you? However, after spending 8 hours working on the code, I have better things to do with my time: read a book, meditate or go for a walk. I’m glad WordPress does the hard work for me!)

I was born in 1982 (it would be nice to say something like “I’m 32″ but I’d prefer not to update this page on each birthday!) in Poland, where I grew up and studied. At 25, I left because I felt oppressed and actively discouraged from living in Poland – both as a woman and as a pagan. I moved to the UK where I’ve been living ever since, travelling all over the place (Cornwall, Hampshire, and now Milton Keynes). It’s such a relief.


It’s a bit lonely all by my own! I’d love to talk to other Goddess worshippers. Please comment on the articles, or contact me directly. If you live in the UK, somewhere in Milton Keynes or nearby (Oxford? London?), I’d love to meet up and talk.